Should i take MSM or Biotin?


I and trying to grow my hair and I need advice, which one does better at growing hair? I made it a 2019 goal of mine and what to make sure that i am taking the right things.


I’ve network tried MSM but i have been using Biotin for years. It has helped my hair grow but just make sure not to take so much. There is a limit to how much Biotin your body can actually absorb. Therefore, take the recommended dosage and don’t over do it.


Biotin is a wonderful supplement to use for hair growth. I had some health issues that caused my hair to get really thin and I’ve been using Biotin for a few years now. I noticed an immediate difference in my hair when I started using Biotin. My hair became stronger and thicker than ever. I also experienced longer hair growth while taking the supplement. Taking Biotin worked very well for me.


I started taking it when my hair started thinning a few years ago. It made my little thin, fragile hairs grow in strong again, but it didn’t see a difference in the time to growth.