Thoughts on a hair steamer


Does any of you ladies use a hair steamer? If so, what type of difference did it make on hair?
I found one on Amazon that I may buy. The benefits are that it is supposed to help you hair absorb conditioners better. I am looking for some real world feedback before I decide to buy.


I’ve used a steamer before, here are my thoughts. Having a steamer is basically like you are sitting in a sauna, which as benefits for your hair. Here are the benefits,

  • increased circulation in scalp which leads to better hair growth

  • cleans scape by removing dirt and dead cells

  • Moisturizes hair

  • Leaves your hair soft and smooth

  • Stops hair Breakage

  • improved hair strength

  • helps Hair Color Treatments

You can also use this as a facial steamer as well. I hope this helps.